Christmas Hamper Appeal

Nominate Families

Join our referral agency network and help the families you work with.

Clients must live within the borough of Bournemouth and all nominations must be made using the Trussell Trust data system as e-referrals.  This is a highly secure online system that gathers data nationally to helps us lobby the government for better social provision.

Please follow these steps to ensure your families are provided for.


1. Join referral agency network

If you are not already a Bournemouth Foodbank referral agency, please begin the process at our Referral Agency Application page.  You will need to be added to the e-referral system, so be sure to leave that option selected.

If you are already a referral agency, but do not yet have access to the e-referral system, please request access by emailing the following details to

Please add me to your e-referral system as ‘agency manager’ with the following contact details:
  • Agency name – written at the top of your red vouchers
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Email
  • Telephone

Please note that the Christmas Hamper Appeal is coordinated by Citygate Church together with Bournemouth Foodbank and other local partners.

By signing up as a hamper referral agency you are consenting for Citygate Church to store and use your details in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will only contact you with regard to the Hamper project.


2. E-refer your families

Use the Data System to make each referral.  Please note carefully the following points:

1. The E-referral Guide should give you all the instruction you need in the use of the system.
2. Please include the following extra information in the Additional notes for foodbank box at the bottom of the Step 3 of 6: voucher information page:

  • “Christmas Hamper Nomination”

  • Client telephone number: (optional, but will really help us on delivery day should there be a problem)
  • Delivery details: (relevant parking and access information to aid our drivers, plus times to avoid delivering such as school pick-up)

For example:

3. When prompted, select ‘Generate code-only referral’ and hit the green continue button on the Step 4 of 6: Nearest code-only foodbank centres page to receive a unique voucher code starting with N.

Please DO NOT print the voucher or give the voucher code to the client.  Once generated, these vouchers could potentially be redeemed at any of our centres which would invalidate the hamper nomination.

4. Keep a record of all your families using this Nomination List template. All we need is a name and the voucher reference code.
5. Please use this Word copy of the form to use for making notes only – referrals will only be accepted through the Data System.
6. The foodbank takes data security very seriously.  Data from the voucher will be stored in a secure database.  It will be used to see when a client has had foodbank help and for statistical analysis.  To help prevent misuse, the date and location of your  client’s foodbank visits may be visible to other local foodbanks and some referral agencies.  Your client’s data is not used for any other purposes.  It is only seen by people that need to do so for foodbank reasons.  It is never sold or given to any other body.  Under data protection legislation, the foodbank has to have a ‘lawful grounds’ to hold your data.  For foodbank data, the ‘lawful grounds’ are called ‘legitimate interest’.  This is because it is reasonable (‘legitimate’) for the foodbank to use data in the way described, if it is to operate as people would expect.  To know more about why we keep your data, what we use it for, how we keep it safe and your rights, please read our Data Protection Policy.  On the hamper delivery day, our drivers will be given names and addresses, but no other information.  All our staff and volunteers have signed our confidentiality agreement.


3. Submit nomination list by Thu 5 Dec 19.

We need your list of nominations by this date so we can process them for approval.  Please send the spreadsheet as an attachment to  You will receive confirmation on or before Thu 12 Dec 19 of which families can expect hampers from us.  Referrals will be deconflicted with other projects to reduce the possibility of a family receiving more than one hamper at the same time.  We may also be unable to accept your nomination due to over subscription.


4. Stay in touch with your families

We will need you to remain in contact with the families you refer to us to ensure that the hampers are received.  This will involve informing them of the delivery date (Thursday 19 December 2019) and asking them to ensure someone remains at home to receive the delivery between 10:00 and 17:00.  Please use this Reminder Card to manage your client’s expectations.  If our drivers are unable to make their delivery, we will try the client’s phone number that you have provided. If there is still an issue, we will try to contact you, the referral agency to help resolve the problem.

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