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More Than Food

Additional Services and Support.

At Bournemouth Foodbank, we understand that the need for emergency food assistance often stems from complex and multifaceted issues, and we are committed to helping people address these underlying issues.

More Than Food

Our More Than Food programme provides additional support alongside emergency food assistance. Our goal is to assist people in overcoming the challenges that led them to seek food assistance in the first place. Our programme offers a range of services, including financial advice, access to job training programmes, cooking and budgeting courses, and mental health counselling.


Eat Well, Spend Less

As part of our more than food philosophy, we want to support our community beyond providing food.

With this budgeting and cooking course we want to motivate people that otherwise will find cooking challenging.

Eat Well Spend Less is a six-week basic cookery, nutrition and budget management course.  We run the programme both online and in person and since it depends on funding, it doesn’t run all the time.

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