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We are looking for 1,000 people to donate £5 per month to underpin our running costs. A food bank’s need is more than just food items. Every month we cash flow in order to survive and continue to provide the help and support that our community needs.

Cost of food (outside of donations)

We are blessed with food donations from the public, local churches and local supermarkets. However, the amount or types of food donated are often insufficient to cover demand, meaning we have to buy food to feed those in crisis.

Paying for Rent

We currently hold a lease for the entire St Georges Methodist Church in Boscombe. This is the hear of the project. Here we store all our food and it is a logistical hub for the foodbank. We also have a community café and our offices here.

Staff wages

We have 8 members of staff that cover the majority of areas. The rest of our AMAZING team are all volunteers.

Van running costs

We need a van to pick up food and bring it to our warehouse. We then need the van to deliver food and food parcels to our distribution centres across the town.

Other running costs

These include smaller costs such as Telephone / Internet, but they all add up, especially when grouped with some bigger costs – mainly Insurance!




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