Death to plastic, death to waste, death to hunger.

25th February 2022

Sometimes you have to join forces to see change. February saw a very particular event at one of Bournemouth’s local cafés. Masterminded by holistic chef Patricia Nunes under the name Zero Food Waste Supper. A five-course dinner that allowed forty participants to degust dishes made of ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste or ingredients foraged for the occasion. Patricia and her team created the perfect environment for essential conversations.

The evening was sprinkled with talks about the challenges and accomplishments we see in our community. Michael French, the Projects Coordinator at Grounded, shared about the projects they run. The healthy and nutritious vegetables they grow in their gardens and their search to move away from food waste in our community. 

Debbie, our Project Director, put the dire need our community faces into perspective. She reminded us that most people are just a paycheck away from needing a foodbank parcel.

Finally, Holly Stocks, store assistant manager at Boscombe’s zero waste shop “Just One Swap”, addressed the participants. She talked about the great variety of conscious practices we can adopt in our daily lives to help reduce our footprint and work towards a greener future.

We more and more see the need for collaboration. The Bournemouth Foodbank has opened its doors to multiple charities and organisations for cooperation. It is part of our aim to provide help beyond food. And creating these symbiotic relationships will ensure we are using our resources efficiently and tackling multiple problems at once.

If you’re interested in giving or volunteering, follow this link.

John Saborido
Marketing & Comms Manager


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