Kat’s story – Making Ends Meet

15th July 2018

Kat's story - smile - Bournemouth Foodbank

In our mission to help, it’s so important that we treasure the stories of the difference the Foodbank is able to make in peoples’ lives.

Today we’d love to share one of these stories with you, about a lady called Kat.

Kat came into the Foodbank due to a crisis with her job. She was working at a job where she was receiving a very low income: she was struggling to make ends meet each month and her benefits were incorrect. Kat is not alone in this struggle and there are many people in our community at the moment that struggle each month due to a low income.

Kat lives in a one-bedroom flat with her teenage son and was struggling that week to be able to feed herself and her son, mentioning, to no-ones surprise, that teenage boys can get through a lot of food!

Kat arrived at the Foodbank, understandably distressed with all the events occurring in her life. But at the Foodbank she found someone that listened to her – someone that she could talk to openly. And she left feeling more positive and with enough food for her and her son to last until she got paid a few days later.

The following week, Kat returned to the Foodbank with a smile on her face, to let us know that her benefits had now been sorted! She shared how she is now getting enough money to support herself and her son until she can find a job that can provides more hours of work.

She was very grateful to the Foodbank for the support and food provided during their time of need, and is feeling excited and positive for the future.


This is just one example of the lifeline that Bournemouth Foodbank can provide to people who have no other option.

From all of us, we want to wish you a massive thank you for the part that you play in this crucial work.

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