Important Fundraising Update

3rd July 2019

Bournemouth Businesses Fundraising

Today we have a bit of housekeeping – but it’s important!

The way we process donations has changed – which means if you were regularly donating money to the Foodbank, you’ll need to take action for your giving to continue.

Read on for details!

As you may know, BT have taken the decision to close down MyDonate from the end of June, and this means we won’t get your regular donations from July 1st onwards. We have a cunning plan – but it will only work with your help…

To carry on supporting us, we need you to set up a new monthly donation via Virgin Money Giving, and you can do this today – here.


Transfer your giving

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


Here’s a message from our Foodbank manager, Debbie:


I’m writing to thank you for your support for Foodbank.

Because of you, people in crisis can face their tomorrow… but all existing regular donations to us are in jeopardy. So if you’ve not yet set up a new monthly donation through Virgin Money Giving, I would really urge you to do so.

If you’ve ever wondered how your regular gifts are spent, I want to let you know that they are absolutely vital. In April, we gave emergency food to more than 620 people in our town at crisis point, including more than 180 children. We know they couldn’t manage without the support of Foodbank because that’s what they’ve told us. They often come to us in tears and at their wits end.

Your regular giving donations mean we can continue to fulfil our mission to end poverty across our town. We rely on food donations but often have to buy basic items such as milk and juice, vegetables and rice pudding as we often run out of these items. We’ve also just had to lease a new van because our old van was on its last ‘legs’ and we have church hubs across the town – run by volunteers – who depend on our food deliveries in order to give out thousands of tons of food every year.

Your donations via BT MyDonate have automatically stopped as of June 30th – so we need you to visit Virgin Money Giving to set up a new agreement.

Your support for our mission is so critical, and we thank God for you!


Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

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