Not Just For Christmas

16th January 2019

Delivering Christmas Hamper Bournemouth Foodbank

We’ve been busy over Christmas, so we thought we’d give you an update!

Here are some photos from the Christmas period, to give you a taster.

For a fuller review of 2018, read our ‘Year in the life’ blog post, here.

Packing up the food parcel donations at the Foodbank in Bournemouth
Nationwide collecting and sorting donations in their basement.


Volunteer with Foodbank Christmas Parcel Donations
One of the hampers made up by a ‘Foresters daughter’. We’re so grateful to all the organisations who gave their time to help with our Christmas projects!


Christmas Supermarket Donations Trolley Bournemouth Foodbank
Just one of the many trolley loads of food donated at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Co Op over the Christmas period.


Delivering Christmas Hamper Bournemouth Foodbank
This lady received her parcel and burst into tears because she was so overwhelmed. She couldn’t believe how much she had received.


Foodbank Carol Service at AFC Bournemouth
Carol concert at AFC Bournemouth’s stadium


Bournemouth Foodbank Parcel Donations Help
4COM hamper received by grateful clients in one of our Foodbank Hubs.


We’re so grateful for all the generosity that you’ve shown over Christmas. It means a slightly chaotic time for us in the Foodbank warehouse, but it also makes a tremendous difference, so we handle the chaos with festive joy!

Of course (just like pets!), Foodbank is for life, not just for Christmas.

Whilst we see an increase in food donations over the Christmas period, the reality is that the help we provide is essential all year round. Continued food donations are much appreciated, but as we enter the new year, we face real financial challenges. It is therefore critical that we see an increase in fundraising in the year ahead.

To that end, we’re relaunching our 1000 Club.

We’re seeking to find 1000 people who are willing to give £5 each month to the Foodbank. It’s that simple! This will ensure we can continue to help those in our community for the year ahead.

Can you be part of our 1000 club? Send us a message and we’ll get you signed up!

Join the 1000 club today

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