A Year in the Life – 2018 Foodbank Review

16th January 2019

Bournemouth Foodbank staff, children and church leaders bishop

As we enter 2019, our Foodbank Manager Debbie Bramley shares her thoughts on the year just gone.


A busy year!

Wow, what a year 2018 turned out to be!

We moved Warehouse which was a mammoth task. The new warehouse is dry, bright, light and huge: we feel very blessed.

We’ve also had a change around in Foodbank Hubs, so that at present we have hubs in Boscombe, Bournemouth Town Centre, Castle Point and Winton. This gives us as wide a range of coverage as we can manage at present.


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We have seen an increase in demand for food again which we think is partly due to the change in the benefit system. Whilst we will be posting end of year stats in April, I can share that since last April we’ve been able to look after and feed over 4.5 thousand people with 3 days worth of emergency food.

We’ve also launched an Instagram account this year, so there are now even more ways that you can keep up to date with Foodbank news.



Christmas was a highlight again this year. One day in December, the local community got together to deliver 190 hampers to local families in crisis. Because of the generous way you gave your time and effort, at least 650 people were better able to celebrate Christmas. This was on top of the regular food parcels and another 150 single and couple Christmas hampers made up by 4Com staff and delivered through the hubs. For a bit of a Christmas recap, with some photos, see our Christmas Review blog post, here.


Football Crazy

We have also had the honour of being one of the four charity partners of the year for AFC Bournemouth. The Club has used its influence to promote the work we do. Callum Wilson highlighting the work we do in a TV interview at the start of the season was a particular highlight. The club have very generously donated some free tickets to a couple of matches to some of our hard working volunteers and their families to say ‘thank you’. We wish them well for the rest of the season and thank the fans for supporting us this last year!

Callum Wilson visits Bournemouth Foodbank


Star Staff

We have had some incredible volunteers to help us fulfill our role in the community and we couldn’t do even the smallest part of it without them. The staff team has shrunk by one this year and we sorely miss Ed Briggs, who has taken up a full time position in a local church, but are grateful for his continued voluntary support especially in the mammoth task of organising the Christmas Hamper Appeal. But I would also like to take the time to thank the rest of the staff team for giving their all and continuing to be shining lights in a dark time for people. Their energy and commitment has been extraordinary, as has that of our Foodbank Trustees.


The 1000 Club

For every person that we help with a 3 day food parcel, it costs us £5. So we would love you to become 1 of a 1000 members of our 1000 Club, by donating just £5/month. This money will keep us supporting local people in crisis. Send us a message for more details!

We’d love you to be involved in this way – even a small regular gift will make a huge difference – it adds up!

Do also share the details of The 1000 Club with friends and family if you feel passionate about those around you in need.


The Year Ahead

Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary year. Personally, I’m hoping that 2019 sees us less busy! I do hope that you and all your families and friends have an incredibly happy and prosperous year ahead.

Debbie Bramley
Bournemouth Foodbank Manager

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