Your Farmer Meals – EXCITING NEWS

3rd June 2020

Bournemouth Foodbank is in partnership with ‘Your Farmer’ in a new and exciting way to help feed our community of Bournemouth.

When ordering from Bournemouth Foodbank/Your Farmer, you are not only putting healthy food on your table, you are also providing healthy food for a family in crisis and in desperate need, within our community.

All the products are free-range, preservative and antibiotic-free, and high-welfare.  All products are frozen at source to preserve the highest quality and taste, excellent for a healthy, all-natural and balanced diet.

For every meat dish bought and every butchery item bought a FREE meal is given away by Bournemouth Foodbank/Your Farmer to those in need here in our town.

Watch the video for more info.

Some of the available products.

Rolled and stuffed beef


Rolled and stuffed beef


Farmhouse sausage in onion gravy Shepherd’s Pie


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