Record Demand at Bournemouth Foodbank

26th April 2023

Bournemouth Foodbank Reports Record Demand as
Over 12,000 People Seek Assistance in the Past Year


Bournemouth, UK – Bournemouth Foodbank, a member of the Trussell Trust’s network, today revealed that it has experienced its busiest year on record, providing support to 12,577 individuals in the FY 2022/2023. This figure represents a 13.4% increase from the previous year.

The data released by the food bank highlights the growing challenges local families and individuals face, with 7,239 adults and 3,083 children (unique figures aggregated by quarter) receiving assistance during the past year. Furthermore, Bournemouth Foodbank has seen a staggering 73.6% increase in food bank use since 2018.

John Saborido, Marketing & Comms Manager at Bournemouth Foodbank, stated: “The significant increase in food bank use we’ve experienced in Bournemouth is a direct reflection of the cost-of-living crisis affecting not just our local community, but the entire UK. As the cost of essentials like housing, energy, and food continues to rise, more and more individuals and families find themselves in situations where they must turn to food banks.”

Bournemouth Foodbank’s data mirrors the national trend, with The Trussell Trust reporting that its network provided almost 3 million emergency food parcels to people in hardship between April 2022 and March 2023, with more than a million of these parcels provided for children.

The predominant reasons for food bank use in Bournemouth, such as low income and debt, are closely linked to the ongoing cost of living crisis impacting the local community and the broader UK. As the cost of essentials continues to rise, Bournemouth Foodbank is committed to serving the community not only through its food bank but providing support and guidance by signposting individuals to resources that address the root causes of their struggles and providing employability and upskilling courses, financial management assistance, and other essential services.

Debbie Coombes, Project Director at Bournemouth Foodbank, said: “We believe that long-term solutions, such as the ‘Guarantee our Essentials’ to help ensure everyone can afford life’s essentials, are vital to ending the need for food banks. In the meantime, we humbly ask our generous community to continue supporting us through donations, so we can provide much-needed assistance to those who are struggling during these trying times.”

“I was just trying to survive. I’d got to the stage where I was very angry – angry with myself and angry with my situation.” Said Riccardo, a food bank user, when sharing his experience at one of Bournemouth Foodbank’s Hubs. “Citygate Community Hub (Bournemouth Foodbank) gave me direction. I’m calmer now. I’ve got my dignity back – you know, I’m back! […] You’re not just a charity to give food; you’re there to tell the whole community where they can get help. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Considering these figures, Bournemouth Foodbank urges the public to support their efforts through donations and by advocating for long-term solutions to address the root causes of food poverty. Your donations make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

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About Bournemouth Foodbank

Bournemouth Foodbank is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing emergency food assistance to individuals and families in need in the Bournemouth area. As a member of the Trussell Trust’s network, Bournemouth Foodbank works alongside local agencies and community partners to address the underlying issues that lead to food poverty and support those affected by it.

About Guarantee our Essentials Campaign

The Guarantee our Essentials Campaign, initiated by the Trussell Trust in collaboration with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, calls on the UK government to implement an ‘Essentials Guarantee’, ensuring that the basic rate of Universal Credit is sufficient to cover essentials like food, household bills, and travel costs.

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