It was a Godsend

6th February 2021

Read this touching message Lenford left us when he received food from one of our foodbank centres.

This place is beautiful, it is a godsend. I’m ex-military and I use to have it all. When I cam here, I had nothing and I did give up. When I met you all, you said to me, ‘Come, we’re going to help you.’

I’ve was at the lowest point of my life, but you didn’t turn me away. You listened to me, you listened to my problem.  You sat me down and called a local GP surgery, and you make sure I had my prescription for my asthma. I remember I came in with no food, and I go home with so [much] food. I’m so happy. I am now registered with a GP;  I have a dentist because you never turned me away.  You helped me with my alcohol problem. My drinking has decreased by 80% because of your help.

I have never stolen anything, but without you, I would be stealing, and I would probably end up in prison. I want you to understand that your help has prevented that.

You have given me hope again. You gave me the drive to live.  I know there is a God. Now, I’m happy again.

I would like to do charity work since you’ve given me the drive to help people. I want to give back.

– Lenford

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